[ig_row][ig_column span=”span12″][ig_image image_file=”http://alt.protectowire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2600HD-400×400.jpg” image_size=”medium” link_type=”no_link” image_container_style=”no-styling” image_alignment=”inherit” image_margin_top=”10″ image_margin_bottom=”10″ image_effect=”no” disabled_el=”no” ][/ig_image][ig_text div_margin_top=”10″ div_margin_bottom=”10″ enable_dropcap=”no” disabled_el=”no” ]Important – New Price List Available  

The Protectowire 2600HD Fire Control Panel is a unique custom configured and assembled fire control panel.  It has been specifically designed to utilize premium heavy duty industrial rated components and is custom engineered to meet the specific needs of each customer’s individual application requirements. As a result, it is a very labor intensive product in its application design, assembly, testing and documentation.  Consequently, we find it necessary to implement a price increase for 2016. 

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