We are pleased to announce the release of the new Protectowire CTI-XLT 135°F (57°C) Linear Heat Detector made specifically for cold storage and freezer applications.
The features of Type CTI-XLT 135°F (57°C) are:
  • Outer jacket selected to withstand the harsh environments of cold storage warehouses with low moisture absorption and excellent performance in extremely low temperatures.
  • Operates digitally with short circuit discrimination capable of distinguishing between short circuit and alarm conditions.
  •  Has been UL and FM tested to –60°F (–51°C).
With the heightened demand for Protectowire CTI Linear Heat Detection in storage warehousing, the CTI-XLT 135°F (57°C) detector was created to fulfill the need for a linear heat detector that would prevent false alarms for cold storage and freezer applications.
All CTI Series Detectors must be used in coordination with the universally compatible CTM Module to supervise the detector. The CTM interface module is designed to detect a short circuit from damage, alarm or open condition along the detector.
The Type CTI-XLT 135°F (57°C) degree detector is available now for immediate release.
If you have any questions or would like to inquire about pricing please contact our sales department at 781.826.3878 or info@protectowire.com.



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